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On Sunday 29th January 2023, Mirfield Petanque Club hosted the Pétanque Yorkshire Winter Pairs Event.

The day started at 08:30 hrs, with Harry opening the clubhouse. By 08:45 hrs some players began to arrive and start to practice.

We had several volunteers who kindly arrived to help with catering and the general setting up of the pistes. Thank you to all who helped in any way.

By 10:00 hrs every one of the 32 entrants had arrived, including a scratch team of Michael Tan, Ruth, and Tony Morton who sportingly stepped in to a vacancy caused by someone dropping out due to illness, and to avoid us having to use a Bye in each of the 5 rounds.

Thanks guys.

The weather was thankfully dry throughout the day, with a little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds, but doing nothing to ease a withering westerly breeze. Basically it was freezing cold.
However, we all eagerly started the series of 5 games in the hope of winning the top prize of £70.
Shirley and I won our first game, but alas it was against our club members Michael and Ruth, but to be fair they put up a good fight.

Jim and Christine faired less well as they were up against the match favourites, who took the game 13-0.

Some players took an absolute age to finish their game and it lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Shirley and I were one of the teams delayed by this situation, but we went on to play against two members from Trafford Pétanque in Manchester. Luckily we beat them too, so 2 wins to us.
Sadly that was the last win for Shirley and I, narrowly beaten by Brendan and partner from Huddersfield in the third game. They got a 5 at one end early on which threw us, but we fought back and only lost by 13-11.

We were then into the fourth game against late entry Kevin and Robert Euanson from Hull. Robert was an excellent shooter and undoubtedly was the key to them winning but at least we got on the scoresheet.

The final round saw us drawn against another formidable pair, Roman Lenne and Charles Stewart. However, we put up a good fight and it wasn't so easy for them.

But we lost in the end. With a total of 2 wins and minus 16, which was a creditable score considering the quality of players on the field.

Apologies to our other club members who took part, but I don't have a copy of the score sheet so can't report on how they fared.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the prize winners in reverse order were.

£10 shared by Kevin and Robert Euenson.
£30 shared by Joe and Paul Fairbrother
£50 shared by Romain Lenne and Charles Stewart
The winners, being the only team to win 5 games with plus 52 were Colin Smith and Shane Howarth received £70.

All of the players attending appreciated the friendly Mirfield helpers and took full advantage of the warmth of the clubhouse, tea, coffee and biscuits.



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