Month End Melee

Month End Melee September 2023

26 members turned out on a pretty decent day for late September. The sun was shining and although breezy it was pleasantly warm.

Numbers drawn Round 1 got underway and first to sit down were Jim and Susan S who beat Irene and Cheryl 13 - 2 to take the lead after the first round. Neville and Michael were only a couple of points behind them.

Round 2 saw Jim extend his lead to 2 wins and +16 with Dave B only just behind on +15.. Round 3 looked to be exciting.

Round 3 got underway and at the end of it Jim had maintained his lead and scored 3 wins and +25. Jan Shepherdson was a close second on +23 with Dave Boyne and Dave Karl joint 3 on 3 wins and +19.
In the clubhouse it was reported that Jan and Jim had shared 1st place but unfortunately there was an error in calculation on the scoresheet. Jan had scored +23 not +25 so sorry Jan second place for you I'm afraid.

The scores were as follows

In joint 3rd place with 3 wins and +19 were Dave B and Dave K. Both score 5 points.
In 2nd place with 3 wins and +23 was Jan who gets 6 points.
In 1st place with 3 wins and +25 was Jim who gets 7 points. Congratulations Jim and commiserations to Jan


pictured here before the points error was discovered are winner Jim and runner up Jan.

Click here to see results

Click here to see cumulative results

Jim has now opened up a 4 point lead on 34 with Kevin second on 30 and Dave K on 29. Three more melees to go.



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