Month End Melee

Month End Melee August 2023

29 members turned out for the August Melee in what passes for decent weather this summer.

Round one got underway and finished quite quickly for Dave K and Ian with scores of 13 - 1. Not far behind them were Rod and Paddy at 13 - 2. Most of the other games lasted a bit longer.

Round two saw Ian and Rod neck and neck on +21 points difference.

Onto the final round and Jim came steaming up from behind on a points difference of +22. Harry had a score of +14 but way out in front on what is a club record of +32 was Rod. Well done to Rod.

So the points were shared out as follows.

In third place on 3 wins and +14 was Harry who scores 5 points.
In second place on 3 wins and +22 was Jim who scores 6 points.
But in first place with 3 wins and a record score of +32 was Rod. Rod scored 7 points


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In joint 1st place after the August Melee are Tony H and Kevin. In 3rd place and only 1 point behind the leaders is Jim.



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