Month End Melee

Month End Melee July 2023

It started off promising, but the promise was short lived and the rain started before we did.

Twenty-nine members began the competition, but after the first game one or two dropped out.

The rain got progressively worse, but we were determined to see it through. At least 10 of us were.
Even before the second games had finished, some members had had enough and walked off to the sanctuary of the clubhouse.

By the time the second games had been completed, those on two wins were determined to carry on, whilst those with one or no wins wanted to cancel the match.

In the end, the 10 members stoically soldiered on into the final game played out in a match of two pairs and a match of two triples.

By the time it was all over we joined the others in the clubhouse for a welcome cup of tea and a biscuit, whilst Ian recorded the scores and added up the points.

In 3rd place with 2 wins and 12 points was Harry Overend.
In 2nd place with 3 wins and 16 points was Tony Haynes
But this month's trophy winner was Tony Morton with 3 wins and 22 points.

Well done Tony M. Ian presented Tony M with the trophy.


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In the lead at this stage is Kevin with Tony H one point behind him and then four people in 3rd place all with their sights on top spot.



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