Month End Melee

Month end Melee February 2023

The February month end melee had thirty members taking part.

The first round was drawn and battle commenced. After all first round games were completed the leading pair were Liz and Ruth after their 13 - 3 success.

In the second round Ruth lost her game but Liz maintained her lead with a 13 - 6 victory to go to +17. Michael moved into second position with scores of 13 - 4 and 13 -6 and +16. On completion of the second round there were only five players on two wins. These were the two leaders plus Shirley +13, Dave Karle +12 and Rod +8.

Unfortunately Liz and Rod lost their third round game. The remaining three all won their games.
Michael added 2 more points to finish third on +18. Shirley and Dave were paired together and their 13 - 3 win added ten more points to their total. Dave therefore finished second on +22 and Shirley took the honours on +23.

Again only three players finished on three wins showing how competitive and evenly matched are our members.

To sum up

In 3rd place with 3 wins and +18 was Michael Tan who receives 5 points
In 2nd place with 3 wins and +22 was David Karle who receives 6 points
In 1st place with 3 wins and +23 points was Shirley who scores maximum 7 points.

Congratulations Shirley


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March melee is scheduled for Monday 27th.



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