Month End Melee

Month End Melee January 2023

26 members turned out on a fine afternoon for the first Month End Melee of 2023. As usual there was a cool wind blowing across the piste so no one was in shorts and a T-shirt ... not even Rod !

At the end of Round 1 the triple of Kevin, Sue Burnett, and Sue Metcalfe were out in front on +10.

Round 2 got underway and the lead changed with Lucy now in front on +16. Worth mentioning here is the match between Harry and Robin and Susan S and Ruth. H and R were in the lead 9 - 7 when S and R took a magnificent 6 to win the game 13 - 9.

Onto Round 3 and at the end of this round David Karl edged into the lead on +17. The final scores were ....

In 3rd place with 3 wins and +15 was Steve Sharp who scores 5 points.
in 2nd place with 3 wins and +16 was Sue Burnett who scores 6 points
And in 1st place with 3 wins and +17 was David Karl who scores 7 points. Congratulations to David.


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