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Ladies v Gents Challenge Match - 11th March 2024

On a dull but fortunately dry cool day Mirfield PC held a Gents vs. Ladies team event.

There were 26 members present equally distributed 13 on each side.
Each team was organised into five pairs and one triple.

In the first round of games the gents came out on top winning 5 of the games. The successful ladies pair were Jan and Jayne who beat Ian and Robin by a score of 13 - 4.

In the next round the result was again 5 to the men and 1 to the ladies. The winning ladies on this occasion were Carol G and Sue S. They defeated Jim and Mark by a score of 13 - 10.

In the final round of matches the gents were dominant and won the series 6 games to nil.

The final score being 16 games to the gents and 2 to the ladies.

This was the signal to retire to the pavilion for tea and cakes kindly donated by David Boyne upon his birthday. Many happy returns David.

I think the final score does not show the improvement in the ladies play. Better luck next year.




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