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St Valentine's day Pairs Competition

On a bright breezy Monday afternoon 33 members turned out for the 2024 St. Valentine's Day Pairs Competition.

Married couples would play as pairs and the rest would draw numbers to ascertain their playing partner. Play got underway after all the pairs were recorded on the results sheet.

It was decided to play a 45 min game and the timer was set accordingly and off we went.

At the end of the game there were a number of pairs who had won but out in front were Sue and Nev on +9 with one or two pairs close behind.

On to the second game and after a false start all pairs started playing. At the end of this round there were only 3 pairs on two wins with Sue and Nev still in the lead.

Round three got underway and at the end of it there was only one pair on three wins and that was Nev and Sue with a +19 score.

Into the clubhouse for tea coffee and cakes as we had two birthdays to celebrate, Ann H and Margaret H. Ian announced the result and Nev and Sue were presented with their trophies and a box of heroes each.


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