Social Melee

Morning Crew v Afternoon Crew

Hi everyone, it was so pleasing to see our members coming together last Monday after having gone through restrictive, but important Covid controls, to take part in our first internal competition other than the Month End Monday Melee. There were 12 morning session members present, which was easily formed 6 pairs. However there were 15 afternoon session members so they had to have three teams as triples.

The competition was a friendly one (allegedly), apart from the usual coercion and banter. Everyone was trying their best to gain a win for their team. At the end of the first game it was an even split of three wins each. So after what turned out to be a confusing to some manoeuvre of moving around the terrains in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on your session group, we were ready for round two. This move was designed to ensure we played against a different opposition team on a different piste.

Round two was again fiercely fought, but the morning session members took a lead here with 4 wins as opposed to only 2 wins by the afternoon session members. So the morning crew were leading by 7 wins to 5.

The groups were again requested to move around the pistes in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction to have fresh opposition teams to play against and on a different piste. This caused even more confusion as it was discovered that they came up against teams they had played before. So realising the problem, Harry directed the teams to move back one piste rather than two, which solved the problem.

The final game began and it was an uphill battle for the afternoon group who needed to win 4 out of the 6 games to simply end up with a 9 all draw. This didn't phase them and as the results slowly came in their tally began to rise. They managed to win 5 of the 6 games which resulted in a score of Morning Group = 8, Afternoon Group = 10. Well done everyone, it was a very enjoyable competition. I wonder if my declaration in the interval between game 2 and 3, that the winners should pay for the tea and biscuits for the losers, had any bearing on the result? It makes you think.

Thanks to the members for helping set up the terrains prior to and after the games and also to the ladies for preparing the welcome cups of tea and biscuits al fresco afterwards.

Can I remind members that Jackie has produced a list of dates for future sessions. Could you please speak with Jackie and consult this list and volunteer to come in half an hour before the start of the session to help set up the terrains ready for play and clear up any litter. It is also important for all members to help clear away the chairs and equipment at the end of sessions. We all need to pull together in this respect.

Harry Overend
MPC Secretary



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