Month End Melee

Mirfield Petanque Club - Month End Melee - August 2021

The morning session was attended by 17 members, so that meant 3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5 therefore one team was a triple, the rest were pairs.

The weather was grey and overcast and by the time the first game got underway a light drizzle started to fall. Several members donned rain gear, but they continued playing unphased.

The standard of play was quite high and by the end of this game we had 9 winners and 8 losers. Top scorers were Christine Appleyard and Sue Metcalfe with a +9, closely followed by the triple team of Kevin Hepworth, Sue Burnett and Ken Hutchinson with +6.

The second game had mixed fortunes. The weather had improved and the drizzle had stopped. Christine A with a +7 and Sue M with a +3 both had second wins in different games, as did Mick Addy and Tony H. But it was Christine A out in front with a cumulative score of +16 who led Sue M on +12. So only 4 players went into the third round with the opportunity of getting three wins. Carol Dransfield dropped out after the second game as she had a prior appointment.

So the final game started with four teams of four players, all playing in pairs. Mick Addy unfortunately lost his third game. Tony H won his 13-8 which left him in third place on 3 wins and +13. Sue M won her third game to end in second place with 3 wins and +16.

Christine Appleyard managed to gain first place with 3 wins and +17. A very close finish, almost scuppered Christine when Kevin and Jackie took her to the wire in the last game which ended 13-12 in Christine's favour.

There were no fanny scores, which probably means everyone is upping their game.
Would Christine's score be enough to clinch the trophy? The afternoon crew would soon arrive to determine the outcome.

The afternoon members arrived but there were only 8 members, because many of the afternoon crew were away on holiday etc. At least it meant two groups of four, a nice round number.
The first game got underway and the weather behaved much like it did in the morning session. A little light drizzle for 15 minutes or so and then it cleared up again. The games were keenly contested and the scores quite close. Harry partnered with Carol Greaves and they managed a 13-9 win with a +4 score. The other winning team was Pam M and Ian G on 13-12 giving them a +1.
Game two saw Harry win with Liz scoring 13-10 giving Harry 2 wins and +7. But Carol G also won her second game, as did Pam M, scoring 13-7 putting Pam on a +7 the same as Harry, but Carol went ahead with a +10.

This meant that Harry and Pam had to win their third game by more than 10 points to beat Christine A's morning score and Carol G only needed another win by 8 points to win the match overall. Could any of them do it?

Well Harry couldn't, as he lost his third game 8-13 against Chris H and Pam M, giving Pam her third win. Well done Pam. Unfortunately this was not enough to beat the morning crew and therefore Pam ended in 4th position overall. A very creditable performance. Meanwhile, Carol G also failed to win despite playing with her husband Ian G. But as Carol says, she never plays well when partnering with Ian. The victors in that game were Irene and Christine W, 13-9 well done ladies.

So, the result were now known and in third place with 3 wins and +13 was Tony Haynes. Tony receives 5 points

In second place with 3 wins and +16 was Sue Metcalfe. Sue receives 6 points

In first place with 3 wins and +17 was Christine Appleyard. Christine receives 7 points

Well done Christine.

Well done everyone who took part. It was very busy in the park today with two cricket matches being played simultaneously. Hopefully the next Month End Monday Melee in September will be played with all of our members together again in the afternoon session at 1pm start.
Harry Overend - MPC Secretary

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Viv and Fred Smith have sent a couple of photos of their new Petanque Club.





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