Month End Melee

Month end Monday Melee - July 26th 2021

Another very warm morning with twenty members turning up for this morning's round of our Month End Monday Melee.

The restrictions on Covid have been eased somewhat, so we resorted to selecting teams by card at the start of each game.

Five groups of four player soon got play underway. At the end of the first round, Jim Campey and Christine Appleyard took a strong leD with a win and +11, closely followed by Lucy Sharp and Kevin on +8.

Round 2 and there were a couple of players who escaped being fannied by scoring a 1. The winners of this round were Dave B and Dave K with a +12. Dave B was in the lead at this point with +16.

The final round saw Tony Morton and Jan Shepherdson take the high score win with a +9.

So, after the 3 games there were three joint top scorers with 3 wins and +19 points. These were, Kevin, Dave B, and Tony Morton. Closely followed by Lucy and Michael Tan with 3 wins and +17.
Let's see if the afternoon shift can improve on these scores.

It was even hotter in the afternoon. Fourteen members attended which meant 2 groups of 4 and 1 group of six.

The first game high scorers were Christine Kinder and Colin Child who convincingly beat Harry and Carol Grieves by 13-2, so +11 for them.

Round two and the game scores were closer.
Carol Grieves and Patricia Child won with a +6. This put Patricia in overall lead after two games with 2 wins and +14. Patricia needed another win and at least +6 to beat this mornings scores. Pleasingly, Irene was on 2 wins and +10 at this point and therefore 2nd place.
The third game got underway and Patricia was partnering with Harry and they were up against two formidable opponents in the shape of Michael (hand grenades) Kinder and Rod Green.
Patricia played some excellent pointing shots as did Harry and the first end saw them reap a 5 point start.

Harry was on form with his shooting and regularly cleared close pointed boules so that Patricia could scoop more points with her boules.

Unfortunately for the two lads, the end came swiftly and Harry and Patricia scored the only 13-0 of the whole match.

This put Patricia into the lead overall with an impressive 3 wins and +27. That was 8 points clear of the next nearest three players who happened to be from the morning group of players.

So with 3 wins and +19 points were Tony M, Kevin and Dave B - they each gain 6 points
but with 3 wins and a magnificent +27 is Patricia who is awarded maximum 7 points.

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BouleThe Anne Overend Memorial Trophy was presented to Patricia by Ian Greaves.
Well done Patricia.

So with 7 months of the year gone, Harry is still leader of the pack with Kevin in second place and joint third place goes to Dave Boyne and Stephen Sharpe.

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Harry Overend
Mirfield Petanque Club Secretary.



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