Month End Melee

Monday 31st May 2021 was the day of our Month End Monday Melee and a Bank Holiday to boot.

The weather was wall to wall blue skies and long awaited sunshine with temperatures rising to a pleasant 21c.

The morning session was attended by 18 members, with Harry doing the scoring.

Teams were chosen by card selection and then teams stuck together but changed around for the three games.

There were three groups of 4 and one group of 6.

The first match started off with some excellently contested ends and scoring was not easy. Although one group finished well before the others.

Members were obviously enjoying their Petanque.

Tony H and Jim were giving each other some friendly banter to put each other off and the referee (me) had to be called on a couple of occasions to make a judgement on the rules.

All three games were keenly contested but only three people managed to score three wins and of these, Jim Campey and Lucy Sharp managed to achieve the same points difference of plus 19.
Could the afternoon crew do any better?

At 1pm only 9 members had turned up. So a group of 4 and a group of 5 began the second leg of the competition.

Ian and Carol Greaves and Michael and Christine Kinder formed the group of 4 and changed partners after each game, but so close was the competition that no single person managed 3 wins.
It was looking good for the morning players.

The 5 member group sorted themselves out by different members choosing teams and in the last game team members were chosen by coche choice, so totally fair.

After two games Harry had two wins under his belt and on his third game he partnered with Liz.
It started badly as Harry and Liz fell behind by 6 points to 1. A strong fight back ensued until they eventually caught up and overtook the trio. Some big end wins got them to the dreaded 12.
On the last end, the trio were millimetres closer to the coche in a tight end.

Harry look skyward for divine intervention before settling for the delivery of his last boule.
It was the perfect delivery which nudged the opposing boule backwards giving Liz and himself the win.

Jackie was the official scorer for the afternoon session and after totting up the scores she declared that Harry was the winner with 3 wins and plus 21 points. Harry is awarded 7 points

Two people tied for 2nd place with 3 wins and
+19 each receiving 6 points. They were Jim Campey and Lucy Sharpe.
Only one other player got 3 wins but unfortunately didn't figure in the top 3. Hard lines Steve Sharpe.

How appropriate for Harry to be presented with the Anne Overend Memorial Trophy by Jackie on the day after Anne's passing two years ago.

Harry was thrilled and a bit emotional to have won the trophy at this moment. He thanked the team members he played with and against for helping achieve victory.

This calls for a celebratory beer on returning home.

These results mean that Steve Sharp is in the lead with Harry and Paddy a couple of points behind.

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Harry Overend
Mirfield Petanque Club Secretary.



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