Month End Melee

Mirfield Petanque Cub - Month End Monday Melee - 29th March 2021 - 'It's how we roll'.

I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for this day since we last played a Month End Monday Melee way back in February 2020. I was determined to re-start this competition as soon as I heard that Government restrictions were being lifted for outdoor, officially organised, non-contact sport, such as ours.

Of course a lot of planning was needed to ensure member safety and it was therefore necessary to split our membership into two groups to enable enough space to play on our terrains.

A total of 17 members attended the morning session.

The morning started bright, but not cold and members were informed of the extra precautions to be observed during the games. Teams were picked by Harry's random WYWS system. (Where you were stood). We were soon underway and everyone seemed so happy to be playing in groups of four once again.

Three games were played by each team, and as each game finished, the members changed around so they played against all other members within their group. Harry recorded all the scores.

There was a lot of close coche / boule play, which was surprisingly good to see considering we hadn't played for so long.

Paddy Hines was particularly remarkable in that she managed two wins and a very high +21 score, before going into her last game. This meant playing with Jackie, who had racked up two comparitively low scores and no wins. Unpeturbed, Paddy and Jackie formed a really good team and Jackie helped Paddy secure her third win and a magnificent +29 score and well on her way to winning the trophy. Anne would have been so pleased and proud of you Paddy.

Surely this would be a hard score to beat by the afternoon crew? Two other members managed 3 wins but lagged behind Paddy in the score difference.

A total of 18 members attended the afternoon session making a combined total of 35 members ... a great turnout for the day.

The afternoon session began in bright sunshine and Jackie kindly did the scoring for this session, so Harry could play.

This was another enjoyable set of three games although the scoring seemed to be going up in one's. This was tiring for some players, so it was agreed to let them retire after one or two games and allow Ian and Carol to take their place. Alas, hard as everyone tried, nobody could match Paddy's score but then again this wasn't revealed to them until the end.

So the all important scores

In third place with 3 wins and +18 was Tony Haynes - Tony receives 5 points
In second place with 3 wins and +21 was Margaret Hill - Margaret receives 6 points
and in first place with 3 wins and a magnificent +29 was Paddy Hines - Paddy receives 7 points

BouleIan and Carol kindly agreed to take the trophy to Paddy's house to present her with it as a worthy winner and to take a photograph.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making today such a successful and special event. Thanks to Tony Haynes for kindly donating a tub of chocolates to share with both group sessions.

I am now sitting and relaxing in the sun in my garden and enjoying a well earned bottle of beer.
Completely by coincidence it is a bottle of Corona. Oh, the irony.

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It has been decided to carry over January and February results from 2020 into the 2021 competition.

Taking these results into consideration means that Paddy is now in the lead with Rod Green second and Ruth Lancaster third.

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Harry Overend - Secretary MPC



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