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Pre-Valentine's Day Mixed Pairs/Triples

Mixed pairs/triples - 3 round snake.

On a cold blustery day 18 members braved the post Storm Ciara weather to play the 2020 Pre-Valentine's Mixed Pairs/Triples.

Following the downpours of Sunday we all expected to see a family of ducks on the terrains but they were in remarkably good condition and Jim and his team made them look even better with a good raking.

Having decided who was playing with who and where possible keeping spouses together we got under way. Mercifully the wind had dropped below storm force 10 and the coche went more or less where it was meant to go. We did decide that if the boules were being blown off course then we would abandon play. Fortunately this did not happen.

Round 1 and most games lasted at least 30 minutes so no big score differences but after a tremendous run of luck - all of it bad, Nev and co. were beaten +7 by Ian and Carol giving them the lead at the end of the round. Chris H, Christine W and Harry had a hard game against Jim and Jackie but came out 13 - 12 winners.

Round 2 got underway and with the weather still holding Nev and co. had a change of luck - it went from bad to worse and against an in-form Walter and Sue Burnett we were all soon sat down after a 13 - 3 defeat. With all other games lasting much longer and producing lower score differences Walter and Sue leaped into the lead at 2 wins and +14. Carol and Ian had a harder time against Tony and Sue M scraping a 13-12 win to give them 2 wins and +8

All to play for in round 3. Margaret retired in this round so Nev and Sue were now playing as a pair and as a result I'd like to say their luck changed - but it didn't. However they did give Jim and Jackie a run for their money but eventually lost 13 - 11. The leaders Walter and Sue continued their winning streak but only gaining 2 more plus points to give them 3 wins and +16. Ian and Carol had a better points difference this round and a +8 put them on +16 as well.

So into the clubhouse for tea and some Valentine biscuits baked by Sue Burnett - thanks Sue.

Harry checked all the scores and announced the results. In 3rd place with 2 wins and +6 was Jackie and Jim.

But in joint 1st place was Walter and Sue B and Ian and Carol giving Harry a problem as he had only one set of prizes but resourceful as ever he managed to eke these out to the two winning pairs.
Well done everyone for turning out on what was forecast to be a poor day weatherwise .

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