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Friday 29th February 7.30 pm

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Mirfield Petanque Club let their hair down.
Saturday 29th February 2020

It was Leap Year, so a special event was organised for Mirfield Petanque Club Members on the 29th February at Mirfield Cricket Club.

Paddy Hines, hereinafter known as the Groupie, let it be known that she had seen an act that would go down well with Mirfield Petanque Club members. So it was decided to arrange for Andrew Lloyd and his wife Jeanie of Island Truffles and Treats, all the way from Horbury Bridge, to come and entertain us at MCC.

Harry did the booking and sold 33 tickets to our members. Gillian kindly engaged the services of a barman to keep us all in good spirits and spent the afternoon arranging tables ready for the event. Thank you Gillian the room looked lovely.

Harry arrived at 5:30pm to meet Andrew and Jeanie and help them set up prior to the arrival of our members at 6:30 for 7pm start.

Andrew began the evening entertainment by giving us a demonstration of how to make truffles whilst cracking jokes. He made it look so easy.
I volunteered Ian to partake in a quiz question to win us all a free return trip to Syria. Ian got the correct answers but we never did get the tickets to Syria on the grounds that they didn't have any Petanque terrains there.
Then it was time for the pie and peas supper which Jeanie had prepared. This went down really well followed by tea or coffee and a free truffle that Andrew had prepared earlier.
Afterwards, members settled down to watch Andrew perform his comedy and singing act. He quickly got the audience singing along and waving their arms in the air and the highlight of the comedy was when he did his rendition of the Beegees. Well that went down really well and had us all laughing. It was clearly all too much for Carol D and she got a bit emotional.
Well done Andrew.
After the act finished we were invited to purchase two different varieties of truffle or chocolate lollipops.

I have to say that I didn't know what to expect with this act, but it was a really entertaining, fun evening.

Everyone seemed to enjoy being there, so thank you all for coming and thanks to Andrew and Jeannie for entertaining and feeding us all. Thanks also to our barman for the evening.

Harry Overend
MPC Secretary



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