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Mirfield Petanque Club Christmas Fuddle 2019


Almost 50 members came together to celebrate our annual Christmas Fuddle. Most members wore festive jumpers or hats and there were some really good hats including a Christmas Pudding and a couple of turkeys. Lots of festive earrings, all very entertaining. Well done everyone.

Paddy handed out the club clothing that members had ordered. Thanks Paddy.
Whilst our two expert catering chefs Gillian and Susan put the finishing touches to the buffet, our members headed out to the terrains for a chuck of boules.

The raffle table was full of prize gifts thanks to the generosity of our members and Jackie had been busy gathering these and selling raffle tickets for a couple of weeks or more.

After two games of Petanque, all was ready with the buffet and so everyone gathered in the clubhouse.

The tables were groaning with a wonderful spread of festive food and sweet stuff.
Harry welcomed everyone and after thanking our caterers with a round of applause, he invited the members to partake of the buffet.

Neville very kindly manned the bar, which was an added bonus for those members who required a drink. The food was excellent and everyone appreciated the presentation, variety and quality of what was on offer.

Once the buffet was over, everyone looked forward to the raffle. Harry had his eye on a presentation box of two bottles of wine, but wasn't lucky enough to have one of his tickets drawn out in the early stages. However, Tony Haynes must have been aware of Harry's preference and when Tony's ticket was drawn, he promptly chose the two bottles of wine. Tony then did an extraordinary and very magnanimous thing. He gave the two bottles of wine to Harry. What a very kind thing to do and this reflects the type of generosity and camaraderie that our members show, week in, week out. Shortly after this, Harry had one of his own numbers drawn out of the bag and returned the favour by letting Tony choose a prize for himself.

An excellent raffle produced over £180 towards our club funds.
Thank you Jackie.
It was then time to announce the winners of our Annual Month End Melee. This year was a very close finish, which confirms that we have a scoring system that is both fair and encouraging to all players.
The top three places were filled by men. Ian Greaves came in third place, whilst Jim Campey and Colin Child tied in the points gained throughout the year. So the next criteria was used. Who won most games during the year? This turned out to be Jim, so Colin was runner up and Jim declared the winner.
We also give a prize to the top lady in the league. This turned out to be Christine Whitehead, who played steadily all year. Congratulations to both of you.

Lastly, but by no means least, I have been watching all our members play throughout the year with the objective of identifying the most improved player, male and female. The ladies selection was the most difficult because 5 or 6 ladies had shown a marked improvement. However, Cheryl Green was selected as the winner due to her gradual and continued improvement which showed in that she was second of the ladies in the Month End Melee.

The most improved male player selection was an easier choice. Three members were prominent, but one stood out above the others as he had only been playing with us for 6 months or so, but since buying Harry's old boules, he has improved his game skills and tactics and is now winning his games regularly. This year's award went to David Karle

I think these choices were generally approved of and I hope all our members keep on improving whilst enjoying what we do.

Our Chairman Fred Smith addressed the members, thanking them for attending and reminding us of the members who are no longer with us.

It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed this popular event. I certainly did, despite everything I have experienced this year.

More pictures of the Xmas festivities can be seen here

Petanque photos

Merry Christmas everyone.

Harry Overend
MPC Secretary



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