Month End Melee

December's Month End Melee - Monday 9th December 2019

A fine but cold and windy day saw 35 members turn out for the final Month End Melee of 2019. Front runners Jim and Colin were both in attendance and either one of them could claim the champion's trophy depending on today's results.

Round One saw both Jim and Colin scoring wins but the round leaders were Tony, Ian and Lucy thanks to a not very polished performance by Nev and Sue B. Not fannied but not far off !!

On to round 2 and Colin continued his winning streak but unfortunately Jim lost in this round. The slide rules were out working out the consequences of this. Could Jim hang on or could Colin snatch the title from him ? Tony, Ian and Lucy were still leading after this round with 2 wins and +22. Any of these could affect the outcome by pinching points off Colin and Jim.

Round 3 and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife ! This was the round that saw Tony go from hero to zero literally - he got fannied along with partner Michael Tan. Never mind Tony you cant win 'em all. Ian and Lucy maintained their form and won making it 3 wins for them. Other players scoring 3 wins were Michael Kinder, Dave Karle and Steve Sharp and also Colin. Had he done enough.

Back to the pavilion for the all important calculations.

A total of 6 players scored 3 wins but the top three places went as follows ..

In third place with 3 wins and +29 was Colin (has he done enough ?) - he receives 5 points
In second place with 3 wins and +34 was Lucy - she receives 6 points
In first place with 3 wins and a magnificent +35 was Ian - he receives 7 points

Incidentally this is a record winning points difference since records began. Well done Ian. Lucy has the honor of holding the second highest points difference of all time. Colin's score wasn't a record but he does have the honor of holding the third highest points difference of +32 scored in 2018.

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Receiving their trophies for the day were Tony and Michael.


Today's results mean that Colin and Jim have tied on 42 points for the year but there can only be one champion and he will be announced at the Christmas fuddle on Monday 16th December after previous results have been scrutinised and taken into consideration.

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Finally we thank Ruth for her excellent flapjack which she provided to celebrate her birthday. I think she had also brought some mince pies. If they weren't yours Ruth thank you to whoever supplied them.

Sue S had also baked some mince pies. Thank you also.



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